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8 recorded presentations over 2 days + LIVE Q&A panel with featured speakers

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Mark Bayer

Ph.D. Pathways: Your gateway to dream jobs beyond academia.

March 6 + March 7 →

4 recorded 30-minute sessions/day (available each day at 6:00am EST)

March 11 →

60-minute LIVE Q&A with Featured Speakers (4:30pm EST)

Choose 48 hour access to all eight presentations and a seat at the LIVE Q&A session for only $47!

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$97 gives you permanent access PLUS a recording of the LIVE Q&A!

Attending presentations on March 6 & 7 is crucial regardless of the type of access you choose so you can attend the LIVE Q&A and get your questions answered!

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Do you sometimes struggle to...

Navigate the alt-ac job search process?

Explain your transferrable skills?

Respond concisely to business questions?

Ph.D. Pathways is your one stop resource if you're...

Unsure where to start or how to get unstuck in your search for a fulfilling job beyond academia.
Focused on helping your students find and thrive in fulfilling, financially rewarding non-academic positions.
Presentations will be available via enrollment in our PhD Pathways Summit 2024 Teachable course, where each day of recordings will be available for a 48 hour period.
Upon registration, you will create your Teachable account and be redirected to the Summit Orientation page.

Ph.D. Pathways will help you...

Why Teachable?

The PhD Pathways Summit is more than just recordings of speaker presentations. We have created a Career Development Journey with our Teachable course platform.

Each speaker is an subject matter expert who have been through the process of transitioning from academia to industry.

Access to this summit also includes important content before and after each presentation that functions as a guide on how to get the most out the valuable information our guest speakers are providing.

Regardless of where you are in your career journey, our speakers will have insightful recommendations to help you thrive.

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You will get...

✅ Relationship-Building Insights More Effective Than Merely "Networking"

✅ Specific Guidance from Experts on How to Translate and Articulate Your Research Skills for Non-Academic Jobs

✅ Job Search Secrets for Identifying Relevant Job Openings, Shaping Your Outreach, and Strongly Positioning Yourself for the Job

✅ Tools to Build a Strong Personal Brand To Stand Out and Attract Interest from Recruiters and Employers

✅ Keys for Navigating Your Career Transition Successfully

✅ Knowledge and Attributes for Getting Promoted You Didn't Learn in Grad School


March 6, 2024

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March 7, 2024

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💡 Expert Insights

Learn from industry experts who have successfully transitioned to careers beyond academia and are thriving in their jobs

🤝 Relationship-Building Opportunities

Connect with like-minded people, potential mentors, and job search contacts

🚀 Know-how to get promoted

Discover the unspoken qualities and skills leaders in careers beyond academia are looking for so you can accelerate your professional trajectory

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